Tuesday, February 1, 2011

It's February!!

You all know what that means:
Well, that's true, but that's actually not what I was thinking.

On Valentine's Day, 1985, when my stripper-named mother was eating a nice dinner with her (now ex- ex- ex-...) husband, she was rushed to the hospital in Hattiesburg, Mississippi with labor pains.  I was pooped out the following afternoon at 1pm.  My original last name was Henderson, but I was adopted by my mother's future (now ex- ex-...?) husband, making my last name Reed.

Robert Reed, the actor who played the father in The Brady Bunch, who died from complications due to HIV.  Awesome.  Robert was shortened to Rob in 6th grade.  There were like 5 Roberts in my class.  (Real unique name in the mid-80's, Mom.)  One kid grabbed Bobby, and I went for Rob.  I honestly don't remember how ~RoB came along.  I think I typed it accidentally one day at the bottom of my emails, and I liked it.  I've used it ever since.

Anyway, Annie made awesome plans for us to stay at a B&B in Downtown Napa the weekend before my birthday to drink a ton of wine.  That's a birthday!!

Tomorrow I have an interview at PowerWorks, the company in charge of the windmills in the Altamont Pass. So, I'll at least get a glimpse of renewable energy in my resume before my next job.  That'll help if I ever wanna go back to college.

Thursday night, Annie and I are heading up to Tahoe for Super Bowl Weekend.  I'll be rooting for NFC North for 2 reasons: they're representing the same division the Bears are in, and they're not the Steelers.

Let's hope that February will be the month that everything straightens out,

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