Saturday, February 12, 2011

It's Official (reprise)

Yesterday, I finally accepted the offer at Knolls Atomic Power Laboratory in upstate NY.  I will be a physicist associate helping to design nuclear submarines, used by the Navy.  It takes a while to get through the hiring process at labs, so I'll be in the Bay Area for a few more months.  Though I spent some time trying to get their offer to go up, it remained at 5% below X dollars until I finally accepted.  Secretary Chu froze the salaries for all labs similar to KAPL, so I know exactly what I'll be making through 2012.  It is a little depressing, but at least I'll be making three times the $$ I've been making in grad school (while living somewhere dramatically cheaper).  I only have to work for them for a year without repaying my relocation expenses, so if it sucks, I'll only have 12 months of it.

Also, last Thursday, I started an internship at PowerWorks, the company in charge of the windmills along Altamont Pass.  I'm a Project Engineer: currently analyzing wind data from last summer to find inefficiencies, and soon I'll be siting and proposing new projects in wind energy.  This will hold me over until I start my real job at KAPL later this year.  One good thing when I was hired here is that when they offered me the job, I counter-offered $3 more an hour, and they accepted!  At least I have one $$ win this year!  It's not great money (certainly not what I'm used to getting paid at internships), but it isn't awful considering that I'm temporary and that I wanted to find something quick.

I thought that accepting the KAPL job and landing the PW internship would really set me at ease.  I mean, my life is figured out now.  Not true.  More questions just keep coming along.  When will I move to NY?  Will Annie be able to come with me immediately?  Should we stay somewhere temporarily and be able buy a house?  Will it be fun?  Will my job suck?  What if we don't make friends?  Am I truly ready to return to the crazy winters, like they've have this year?

Is being a real person always like this: constant worry?

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