Wednesday, February 2, 2011

That Damn Cake

I told y'all that I was making a Sweet Potato Cake.  Annie got some yams from the farmers' market last Friday, and I wanted to use them.  I'm on a baking kick right now, and I had never had a cake like that before, so I tried it.

I mixed up the batter (used olive oil instead of vegetable oil to combine 2 favorite savory flavors [yams the 2nd]... like Cupcake Wars!), poured it in the bundt pan, and threw it in a preheated oven.  Since I'm always nervous about homogenous cooking, I threw aluminum foil on the top so that heat was distributed as well as it would be through my thick bundt.  After about 45 minutes, I pulled off the foil so it would brown.  I'm so smart.

The recipe said to bake it for 1h15m, but I only baked it an hour.  Burnt cake sucks, and so does dry cake.  Err on the side of undercooked.  I pulled it out, and pressed on it.  It sprang back.  I considered that good enough.  No toothpick; I am fancy pants after all.

Turns out it tastes good, but it didn't cook thoroughly.  It looks great, but when Annie was eating a piece this morning, she let me know that there's a small layer of batter still hanging out in there.  It's edible, but that pisses me off.

Damn me not letting it go 15 more minutes w/o the foil.

I threw it back in the oven for 25 minutes today.  The outside just got crunchier, but the inside didn't finish cooking.

Did I really apply to be a baker?


  1. I would like to see Annie attempt to make a cake like that. Sounds like job almost well done. SOunds like an interesting tasting cake. Have fun baking and testing things out.

  2. Just kidding Annie, keep buying him strange things to make cakes, cookies, etc out of. Have fun testing!