Monday, February 7, 2011

There's No Line...

... cuz I stole it, bitches!

Exactly one month ago, I started this blog.  It has been everything I needed:

  • a way to connect to all of my peeps that I don't really talk to all that often (I hate phones!)
  • a therapeutic journal documenting my currently chaotic life
  • an artistic outlet that works on my writing so that I can publish a book one day
  • a way to work on my comedic punchlines
I had over 2000 pageviews in January.  I'm hoping I can double that in February.  Facebook and Twitter are my only means of spreading the word.  If you enjoy this blog, feel free to pass it along to people that aren't already talking about it.  Not that I think it's all that amazing yet, but I truly think that my raw, line-crossing writing could be appealing to a lot of people (even if they don't really wanna talk about it).

If you have ideas that would make this blog better, or topics you'd like me to discuss, hit me up.  Nothing is too taboo, and I hope I can make the mundane insane!  I tried the DIETY segment, and I don't doubt that I'll continue it, but there's certainly room for more ideas.

Plus, smack-dab in the middle of this month lies my 26th birthday, so pass it on as a little digital present to me.

Here's to February,

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